Our Philosphy


At Bedrock Investment Advisors, we believe that a precise, quantifiable goal is what our clients benefit from most. The ultimate goal in guiding you toward retirement is the construction of a financial plan where we first understand where you are attempting to get to. We employ a process that helps you to clarify your financial objectives and therefore give you the ability to plot out a ‘financial roadmap.’

Based on your unique financial roadmap, we guide you toward the most appropriate and efficient financial strategies, which may include Noble Prize** winning allocation theories, that give the client the most efficient and practical strategy to potentially reach those goals while keeping risks to a minimum. Putting it all together, Bedrock Investment Advisors provides a realistic path toward long-term financial and retirement security.

Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk including market fluctuation and possible loss of principal value. There can be no assurance that any specific investment strategy will be profitable.

**Dr. Harry Markowitz won the Noble Prize in Economics in 1990 for his work on the Efficient Frontier, which forms the basis of the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). Both theorems further the understanding of the Risk (standard deviation) and Return correlation of Investment ‘Portfolios’ (Securities Combinations). According to Markowitz the Efficient Frontier illustrates the Portfolios that produce the maximum expected Return for any given level of Risk. Although we attempt to build Portfolios that are as ‘efficient’ as possible, due to individual client needs and goals along with ever changing market conditions and the imperfection of any philosophy in practical application all clients should expect that their Portfolio will have some variation (sometimes significant) from the Efficient Frontier and MPT. Historical returns do not guarantee future results.