Estate Planning


Planning ahead is critical when it comes to your estate. With effective estate planning, you can build your estate during your asset-accumulation years, maintain your financial security during retirement, and designate someone to make medical decisions for you when you cannot. Estate planning also helps you protect your assets against the high costs of long-term care and manage your financial and legal affairs if you become disabled or die.

From a financial perspective, estate planning helps you reduce estate taxes, protect your assets and control their distribution, provide the cash necessary to pay estate taxes and administrative costs without depleting your estate, and provide for the most efficient transfer of property at your death. In addition, effective estate planning can help you ease the burden on your heirs by minimizing delays and frustrations of estate settlement and avoiding unnecessary estate tax liability.

Proper Estate Planning can also have substantial positive benefits on your current income, tax, and financial wherewithal while you are still alive. By teaming with tax, insurance, and estate planning specialists, the professionals at Bedrock Investment Advisors can help you explore strategies to reduce estate taxes and transfer wealth to your heirs. Some potential options:

Gifting Strategies

You can gift up to the $13,000 annually to individuals and remove those assets from your taxable estate. you explore strategies to reduce estate taxes and transfer wealth to your heirs. Some potential options.

Life insurance

Policy ownership has a direct impact on your ability to transfer wealth. The death benefit on a policy that you own becomes part of your taxable estate. But if you make gifts to your relatives or other beneficiaries to acquire the insurance, the policy proceeds are outside your taxable estate.


Legal documents are often written to accomplish a very specific goal. Therefore, quite obviously, not all Trusts accomplish the same tasks. As we age and as our financial requirements change, revision to your current Trust is often a necessity. Also, due to the constant changes in Estate Law and associated financial regulations an ongoing review of your Trust is certainly warranted.
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